1. Search for slides

1. Search for slides


Instant and advanced searches put top quality PowerPoint content in your hands, fast.


2. Drag & Drop Slide Thumbnails

2. Drag & drop slide thumbnails

Simply drag and drop the slide thumbnails you want into a new presentation.


3. Save, Download or Share

3. Save, download or share

Save your new presentation into the database, download into PowerPoint or share with colleagues.

You can also....


Protect Sensitive Slides

Lock slides as JPEG or read-only. Lock groups of slides together.

Share With Others

Send via email through the Slidebank system, as attachment or secure link


Convert to PDF

Slidebank will do this for you - no need to open PowerPoint.

Apply Brand Templates

With the click of a button.


Keep It Private

Don't give others access and only you will see the presentation.

Collaborate with Colleagues

Give colleagues permission to edit your presentation so you can work as a team.