Control User Access To Presentation Files


Define Hierarchies

Follow your organization's structure and segment users into teams and departments.

Filter Search Results

Share files across the company or keep within departments. Replicate natural data silos where necessary and allow some users to view files but not others.

Define User Access

At group, role or individual level. If a user doesn't have access to a presentation, it will be invisible to them. If they don't have access to any presentation in a folder, the folder will be invisible too.

Hide Old Versions

Have a blanket rule (set for departments, teams or individuals) for hiding old versions of files from view, or manage on a case-by-case basis.

Track Usage

Slidebank automatically keeps audit trails of who has downloaded, emailed and edited which presentation files.

Set Expiry Date

Set a date for your PowerPoint file to expire. When this date comes round, the slides will immediately be invisible to other users, and placeholders will appear in virtual presentations.