How Do You Want to Save Your Presentation?

build new ppt

Create a PPT Presentation

  • Stays the same until you make changes
  • Builds a new presentation file of the slides you choose
  • A 'stand alone' presentation
  • Can be downloaded or shared with your colleagues
  • Not updated automatically

Great if you want full control of content

virtual updates

Create a 'Virtual' Presentation

  • Will automatically update as the master slides change
  • Links back to the Master slides you choose
  • Exists as a collection of thumbnail shortcuts
  • Can be downloaded, emailed, copied and shared with colleagues

Great for staying up to date effortlessly


Both Types Support Slidebank's 'Time Capsule' Capability

presentation versioning
presentation versions

Nest Older Presentation Versions

Slidebank automatically nests older versions of presentations and slides underneath the most recent. Presentations are time and date stamped, helping you see and track changes.

slide versions

Nest Older Slide Versions

Slidebank will show you where there are older slide versions available and accessible. It does this automatically, with the newest version on top.

track presentations

Audit Trail

Slidebank lets you see exactly who has used or changed slides or presentations and when. Trace the evolution of your content over its lifetime.


Slidebank requires no Plug-ins or Software Downloads

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