Email easily as an attachment or secure link


Slidebank let you build a new PowerPoint presentation online and send it to your clients or colleagues without leaving the application.

This means you never actually have to open PowerPoint to create and share a new file.

It's a simple process:


1. Create a new PowerPoint presentation

Create your new presentation by searching for existing PowerPoint slides and dropping them into a new presentation


2. Save PowerPoint to online database

Save the presentation into the online PowerPoint database. You can keep it private and hidden from other users if you wish - just don't give access to anyone else when prompted.


3. Choose to share as PowerPoint or PDF

Slidebank will send your presentation either as a PowerPoint file, or will convert to PDF prior to sending if you prefer.

If sending as PowerPoint, Slidebank will export any slides that have been locked as JPEG or Read-Only with the appropriate settings.


4. Email as attachment or secure link

Use Slidebank to email your new presentation to your chosen colleagues, or an external email address.

You can choose whether to share as an attachment or a secure link.

The link option has a number of benefits:

- It's secure - you need a Slidebank login to retrieve the file
- Minimizes email size - no exceeding mailbox limits
- Stays up to date - even when clicking on a link in an old email, recipients will always see the latest versions of files