value of saas

How can Slidebank add value to your organization?


PPT Management - Availability & ease of use

  • Share libraries of approved PowerPoint presentations online 24/7/365
  • Simply drag-and-drop slides to make a new presentation
  • Let users manage and share their own slides
  • Distribute PPT slides for key staff, quickly and securely
  • Easy-to-use, intuitive Web interface for instant productivity
  • Powerful search engine finds individual slides quickly and easily
  • Large previews for slides, speaker notes & key search text
  • Scalable and intuitive Web-based interface

See how easy it is to build new PPT presentations.


Business Growth - More Sales

  • See what materials exist worldwide before creating new slides
  • Ensure the most up-to-date information is presented to customers
  • Maximize revenue & react quickly to sales opportunities with tailored presentations
  • Ensure consistency & overall quality of presentation materials
  • Help to deliver crisp, up-to-date & attractive presentations
  • Lend a competitive edge to your field force
  • Free up more time to rehearse presentations properly

See how sales reps can access and build presentations on the go with Slidebank for iPad.


Read more in our Financial White Paper.



Compliance & Security - Safe distribution

  • Update all slide copies automatically when original slides change
  • Distribute critical business presentations securely
  • Share approved, signed-off information throughout the company or worldwide, 24/7
  • Control presentation integrity & security
  • Store Audit trails showing who downloaded what and when
  • Share approved, signed-off information with outside users if necessary

Read about options for automatically updating slide content and locking slides together, or making slides mandatory when necessary.


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