Behind every great presentation

Enterprise-grade slide management

Slidebank is a web-based tool for managing, building and sharing PowerPoint presentations online – securely and effortlessly.

What Slidebank can do for your sales and marketing teams

Save money

Re-purpose existing content instead of starting from scratch. Cut down on expensive man-hours and consultancy fees.

Save Time

Slidebank handles presentation versioning, automatic content updates and audit trails, leaving you more time for your day job.

Share knowledge

Harness collective knowledge to share powerful content across teams and offices. Turn your sales reps into instant experts.

Keep Control

Let users apply your approved PowerPoint templates to their content, ensuring greater brand consistency .

Stay Compliant

Auto-update users’ slides with fresh content. Make slides read-only or mandatory. Group slides together for effortless compliance.


Easy to deploy

Slidebank is easy to learn and to use, helping you roll out technology without the hassle. No software downloads, no installations, no complex training.


Easy to use.

With little to learn, teams can focus on what they do best. Sales can rehearse winning pitches instead of writing them. Marketing can move content forward instead of managing what's already there.

Features that make your life easier


Version Control

Manage presentation versions effortlessly. No worrying about file naming protocols or master copies. Slidebank does it all for you.

Automatic Slide Updates

When master slides change, users receive alerts and automatic content updates to their virtual presentations.

Lock Down Slides

Make sensitive slide content read-only. Lock slides together to control a selection sequence. Enforce mandatory slides.

Manage Abilities

Control who can do what in Slidebank. Permissions can be turned on or off by user, by role or for an entire department.

PPT Slide Search

Instantly search for slides across slide content, speaker notes and keyword metadata. Drill down using Boolean search.

Drag & Drop Slides

Drag and drop slides into new presentations to easily re-order and re-purpose existing content.

Salesforce Integration

Access Slidebank via Salesforce through single-sign-on, or operate in Salesforce dashboard.

Secure Hosting

Secure hosting via private encrypted cloud using best-of-breed security certificates.

Apply PPT Templates

Apply brand-compliant PowerPoint templates to slide selections at the click of a button.


Some global customers we've enjoyed working with:


Slidebank's rich feature set, global reach and "always on" cloud infrastructure allow us to keep our presentations up-to-date, always available and customizable. It is a valuable tool in providing effective and consistent presentations across the organization on-demand.

— Marc Eaman, Adobe