Knowledge is most powerful when shared

Turn your knowledge stores into something beautiful

Turn your knowledge stores into something beautiful


Slidebank helps you break down silos and share knowledge more effectively across your organization.


Make your slides easy to find


Upload your presentations

Share your PowerPoint presentations in Slidebank to spread their reach within your company.


Instantly find slides

Slidebank's powerful search engine works across title, content and speaker notes, plus 16 extra customizable metadata fields, to deliver instant thumbnail results. Read more


Tag your content

Tag your slides and/or presentation files with keywords when you upload, to help colleagues find them instantly.

Share files easily

Share company -wide or in teams

User access settings let you control who sees presentations in your company on a file-by-file basis. 

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Share in different file formats

Slidebank lets you share as PPT, PPTX, Zip or even PDF for more sensitive presentations. You can also convert more sensitive individual slides to JPEG on export.


Share PPT files direct from Slidebank

Send via email through Slidebank to colleagues or clients.


Share as a link

Send a link to the presentation file within Slidebank to avoid large emails.


Keep everybody up to date

Send slide updates

If you own the master slide, send out content updates and notifications to everybody using that slide.

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Keep track of versions

Older slide versions are automatically nested behind the latest edition. See the evolution of slide content and use the most appropriate. Older versions can be hidden if desired.

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Empower sales teams

Ensure your sales teams have up to date content. Allow them to search, select slides and build presentation on the go with Slidebank for iPad.

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