Software as a Service Is The Model of the Future


Traditional methods of buying and installing software are giving way to Web Access. Why?


Monthly subscriptions

Rather than large up-front capital outlay, SaaS often follows a monthly subscription model, helping even-out budgets and meet fluctuating demand.


Your needs today may be different from your needs six months from now. Subscriptions let you flex accordingly.


Economies of Scale

With SaaS you only pay for the number of users you need and avoid the expense of developing software in-house. Prices often go down the more users you have, as with Slidebank.

Automatic Software Upgrades

SaaS companies do all the upgrades and development work for you, allowing you to benefit from automatic rollouts. Stay up to date without the pain and expense.


Stay up to Date More Easily

Avoid your in-house tech team having to do expensive redevelopments when technology advances. Instead, get the benefit of a single, shared platform.

Security Benefits

It is vastly within the interests of SaaS companies to stay on top of the latest developments in data security and to make sure their systems, and your data, are not vulnerable. No need to worry about installing security patches across your entire organisation.


More Compatible

SaaS products are managed online via a Web browser, and are therefore more universally compatible and less likely to clash with legacy IT systems.

Access Everything Online

Give your employees the agility to access, manage and amend their files securely from anywhere. Files are less reliant on manual backups and invulnerable to hardware loss or damage.


Connect Global Teams

SaaS products let you collaborate and share seamlessly online, meaning you can break down silos where they exist between teams and collaborate with colleagues in different time zones.