Build presentation files from existing PowerPoint Slides


Slidebank has an easy three-step process for repurposing existing presentation slides and creating a new PowerPoint presentation online. Simply search for slides using a comprehensive search, which draws on slide content and slide / presentation metadata. See slide search results in a visual online slide viewer and drag and drop the ones you want into a new presentation. Save the slide selection as a virtual presentation (which will automatically update as master slide content changes), or a new Master presentation, which will stay the same until you want to update it. Then quickly download your new PowerPoint presentation file from the web, or share securely with colleagues via a link or email attachment.


1. Search for slides

1. Search for slides


Instant and advanced searches put top quality PowerPoint content in your hands, fast.


2. Drag & Drop Slide Thumbnails

2. Drag & drop slide thumbnails

Simply drag and drop the slide thumbnails you want into a new presentation.


3. Save, Download or Share

3. Save, download or share

Save your new presentation into the database, download into PowerPoint or share with colleagues.

You can also....


Protect Sensitive Slides

Lock slides as JPEG or read-only. Lock groups of slides together.

Share With Others

Send via email through the Slidebank system, as attachment or secure link


Convert to PDF

Slidebank will do this for you - no need to open PowerPoint.

Apply Brand Templates

With the click of a button.


Keep It Private

Don't give others access and only you will see the presentation.

Collaborate with Colleagues

Give colleagues permission to edit your presentation so you can work as a team.

Search PowerPoint slide content and metadata

Slidebank quickly searches for presentation content across three different elements. In a quick online search it will read through:

PPT slide metadata
  • Slide content (the words that appear on slides themselves)
  • Speaker notes that accompany slides
  • Any keywords that slides or presentations have been tagged with

With Advanced Search, you can drill down into any of these criteria, or search across any of your 16 customizable keyword fields. Supports full Boolean search terms to help you pinpoint precise content.

Slidebank will show you thumbnails of individual slides that match your search criteria. It will also show you entire PowerPoint presentation files that may be useful to you.

It's not necessary to tag slides and presentations for them to be found in searches - they give additional context but Slidebank will find your relevant content on its own.

Slidebank is security conscious so will only ever show you content you've been given access to.

Drop PPT slides into presentation

Found slides that are useful to you? Great!

Now just drag and drop the slide thumbnails into your new presentation. No matter how many slide decks you're building from, simply pull the slides you need into your new presentation grid, and off you go.

You can add single slides, entire presentations or groups of slides to your new selection at once. Slides may have been grouped together for compliance purposes, or simply to make your life easier when adding whole chapters. Either way, it's easy to comply with regulations without thinking!

When you're happy with your new slide selection, you can apply one of your brand's templates to make them look uniform. Read more about that here.

Save online presentation

Save into your online PowerPoint database, or download

You can download your new presentation to your hard drive if you want to present it straight away.

Or you can save it into Slidebank's online database. There are two options with this - either save as a new PowerPoint presentation, or as a 'Virtual' presentation.

Virtual presentations automatically update along with changes to the master slides. This means you never have to make manual updates to your slides - you'll keep abreast of changing content at all times. Slidebank will email you each time an update's available.


Read more about virtual presentations and automatic slide updates here.

Read more about sharing PowerPoint presentation files here.

Presentation Management Software on Desktop and iPad


Slidebank accounts all come complete with the Slidebank for iPad app at no extra cost. This lets you search the same online PowerPoint database. You can find the slides you need, drag and drop into new selections and download from the cloud. It works with the free version of PowerPoint in the App Store and is included in all Slidebank accounts, so no additional cost.

Read more about Slidebank for iPad here.

Slidebank works across desktop, laptop and iPad - PC and Mac.

Slidebank works across desktop, laptop and iPad - PC and Mac.