Version Control


Automatic File Versioning

Keep the same file name & Slidebank will time & date stamp presentation and slide versions to show them nested side-by-side. 

Show or Hide Older Versions

Enable colleagues to see & choose from older versions or keep them hidden.


Track Changes

See at a glance which slides have changed. Track which edits have been made over time & who made them.

Update Others

Slidebank automatically sends slide content updates to other users via their 'virtual' presentations.


Build New Presentations


Slide Search

Find individual slides from across thousands of presentations - instantly.

Drag & Drop

Drag and drop slide thumbnails to build a new presentation.


Apply Brand Template

Preview your brand's PowerPoint templates. One click to apply to your slide selection.

Download or Save

Save as a PowerPoint presentation, or as a virtual file that automatically updates when a master slide changes.


Collaborate or Keep Control

You can share the ability to edit files with colleagues, or keep full control yourself.

Add Key Slides

Slide groupings help you to add a whole chapter at once, saving time & effort.


Control Permissions & Content


Define Abilities

All abilities in Slidebank can be switched on or off by user role, or for individuals. 

Control File Access

Users only see slides and presentations they have access to. Easily maintain silos.


Protect Sensitive Slides

Lock-down slides to export only as read-only or as JPEG images. Protect sensitive data, such as pricing details.

Mandatory Slides

Apply groups to selections of slides - make them mandatory or locked together. Control how people use your content.


Brand Templates

Upload your brand's templates to help people stay compliant easily.

Set Expiry Date

Take presentations offline when they reach a certain date, including in virtual files.


Automatic Content Updates


Slide Updates

Owners of 'virtual' presentations always receive content updates when master versions of their slides are updated.

Email Notifications

Users are automatically notified via email when changes occur.


Share Presentation Files


Email Via Slidebank

Share with other Slidebank users or external clients / colleagues.

PDF or PowerPoint

Convert to PDF before sharing. Export slides as JPEG or Read-Only.


Secure Link

Choose to share files as an attachment, or as a secure link. Links will always stay up to date.


Stay Connected



Use Slidebank for iPad on any account. Works with free version of PowerPoint for iPad.

Salesforce Integration

Use Slidebank without leaving your Salesforce dashboard.


Single Sign-On

Work with us to implement Single Sign-On using SAML, or via Salesforce.

Secure Hosting

We use private virtual cloud services and best of breed encryption software to keep your data safe.


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