Global Business

Slidebank is to all effects a Global company: we are based in the UK but do business all over the world. 95% of our customers are overseas; 70% in the US alone. As Slidebank systems are self-service, there are no timezone barriers to using our platform. In fact, being an international business can be helpful to our customers getting the best value for money - an International team is able to economically share Seats in Slidebank, which is more cost effective. Our systems are hosted on servers in the US and Europe.



Slidebank is Software as a Service on a monthly subscription basis. Customers pay for the number of users they need, although this can easily flex up and down as demand requires. As a SaaS platform, Slidebank is able to automatically roll out unlimited free software upgrades, allowing customers to benefit from the best features and security measures. It's just one of the advantages of using SaaS.



A significant number of our customers are Marketing Directors, responsible for the effective use of marketing materials worldwide. Slidebank is invaluable to them as it helps them get the most mileage from their content, control the appearance of brand in corporate communications, keep everyone on message and eliminates the need to commission duplicate presentation slides.



Sales Directors use Slidebank to stay on top of their game. Having a centralized PowerPoint slide library of approved content gives them an invaluable supply of knowledge to tap into. Slidebank's access via the Web, iPad app and Drag & Drop functionality lets sales reps instantly build new presentations on the go, helping them to be agile, responsive and stay closer to their customers than ever before.



Corporate Governance

Slidebank can be used as a repository for approved presentations only if necessary. Access controls can be fully customized by department, role or user and Slidebank automatically keeps a full audit trail of activity with time and date stamps. If required, previous versions of slides downloaded and misused can be forensically reconstructed. It also lets you drive strict control over how presentations are built and how they appear, through locking slides together, making slides mandatory, uneditable or constrained to appear in a particular order.



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What we're all about

Early days

Slidebank began life as a side project for Digital Image (our parent company). Digital Image is a UK-based digital consultancy, founded 26 years ago to provide bespoke software development services to multinationals.

Back in the day, and to an extent now, the majority of our clients were Big Pharma companies. They came to us to create tailor made presentation materials, websites and 3D rendered multimedia to promote new pharmaceuticals.

Life as Digital Image was good. We were able to pioneer new technologies and had work coming at us from all over.

A problem shared

It was due to the deep relationships with our customers (par for the course in Agency-land) that conversations would stray from the brief at hand to a broader dialogue of the problems they faced in their business.

Over time, we came to notice something striking: often we received the same brief for content from different parts of the same company.

Being the honest folk that we are, we would point this out to them and put them in touch with each other, but it struck us as strange that it might take a third party to do this. The left hand clearly didn't know what the right hand was doing.

This observation was backed up by conversations with clients, who frequently told us that their organizations worked in silos and communication between teams was poor.

Not for want of trying of course, but these companies were sprawling, global businesses with teams being set up and disbanded at the drop of a hat, and people switching roles the whole time. No wonder they couldn't find anything!

The opportunity to help

We began to wrap our heads around this problem. Companies were clearly wasting money on duplicate work and struggling to find valuable sales and marketing collateral when they needed it, which was vastly slowing transaction times and speed to market. Not to mention the cultural impact of dead-ended communication, mounting frustration and damaged productivity. Something needed fixing.

The concept of Slidebank is a really simple one: a central source for all your presentation content, accessed online on-demand. It has all the access and security controls you might desire for your most sensitive content, but lets you share openly when needed.

Our strong motive was to build a product that would help customers keep control of their content (helping confidentiality, brand and compliance) but be much more nimble and agile commercially.

Slidebank is designed to put your presentation content instantly in the hands of your salesforce, anytime, anywhere.

From agency to SaaS

We designed Slidebank initially just to help our existing customers. They started using it and gave us overwhelmingly positive feedback about the impact it was making on how they did business.

It quickly became apparent that we were sitting on something incredibly valuable.

What started as a side project has grown organically and rapidly taken on a life of its own. Since its early inception, Slidebank has become the prime focus of our company and become the leading Software as a Service solution for presentation management.

We, and our customers, couldn't be happier.

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Looking for new developers in the UK

Are you a creative, technically skilled developer who's excited by the potential of utility software and SaaS? We're looking for you.

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About Slidebank

Learn about Slidebank, our background, our mission and our services in Our Story.

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Slidebank system requirements


Slidebank accounts start with a minimum of 10 users.

The following items are needed for the successful operation of Slidebank.

(Please check with our news pages for possible updates)


Client hardware

PC, Mac or iPad, 2GB memory or greater, 1024 x 768 monitor or larger, 16-bit graphics or better.

Sound facilities (for video tutorials), mouse or touchpad, keyboard or equivalent, Internet connection.


Broadband Internet connection, WiFi, 3G or 4G wireless. Access for HTML (web) documents via Port 80 & Secure Socket Layer (SSL) via Port 443.

Client software

Windows, Mac or iPad operating system; Microsoft Internet Explorer 8 (or newer) or compatible browser (including Chrome, Firefox, Safari and others) with Flash v.8 or later for Mac or PC (Flash not needed for iPad).

Microsoft PowerPoint 2007/2010/2013 for editing slides, or PowerPoint Player for playback only.

Access to the Internet and ability to save files to a local storage device (for presentation file downloads where needed).

No software installation is necessary on Client PCs or the iPad.

Check to see if your computer supports flash. Click on the button and if you can see the animation, you're good to go.

Slidebank Is Designed To Work Friction-Free Alongside Your Corporate IT Systems



All Browsers

Slidebank is compatible with all Internet browsers (although it works best with Google Chrome). All you need is a working Internet connection.

Microsoft PowerPoint

Slidebank is guaranteed to work with all the latest versions of Microsoft PowerPoint for Windows. Many of our customers use Slidebank with PowerPoint for Mac without any problems.

No Plug-ins or Software Installations

Slidebank does not require any software Plug-ins or installations. It is managed entirely via the Web.

No Firewall Problems

As Slidebank is treated by browsers as a normal website, there are no Firewall issues to contend with.


Multi-Device Platform

Slidebank is designed to work on desktop, laptop and iPad. The Slidebank for iPad app is specifically designed for iOS6 and iOS7.


Slidebank Is Uniquely Engineered To Handle PowerPoint


Keeps files intact

Slidebank will never break up your PowerPoint files for storage, unlike many solutions. Your files stay intact on our securely hosted servers, ready for when you need them.

Retains full functionality

Slidebank has been beautifully engineered to work with PowerPoint and will preserve the formatting and functionality of your slides, when they've been dropped into a new presentation.

Keynote Compatible

Whilst engineered for PowerPoint, Slidebank presentations can be downloaded as PowerPoint files, which may then be opened using Keynote for viewing.

Multimedia Files

Slidebank can store slides that contain embedded video or sound clips in its library, ready to drop into new presentations.


Slidebank lets you upload your own PowerPoint templates, to change the look and feel of a slide selection with one tap.

Office 365

Slidebank is the perfect complement to Office 365 on the iPad. Access all your slides, create, share and deliver new presentations on the go.



  • is designed, optimized and tested to support most features of the files produced by current PC-based versions of Microsoft PowerPoint, namely PowerPoint 2003, 2007, 2010, 2013 and 2016. Files created using Mac versions of PowerPoint may cause errors and are not fully supported because of differences in their feature sets and file formats. The iPad App contains a sub-set of the functionality of the Slidebank Desktop App.
  • Being a Web-based solution, Slidebank is designed to handle only short/small video clips (a few MB only).
  • Slidebank 'On-Demand' service is provided by Digital Image Ltd and delivered direct to your desktop or iPad via secure encrypted Internet connection for a small monthly fee per user. Other than a browser with Flash, no software installation is necessary on client PCs.


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System Security

At Slidebank we take security very seriously. Nothing is more important to us than the security of your confidential files and data. This is why we take every step possible to keep our systems robust, secure and up to date, and run frequent tests and security upgrades. We've participated in the security requirement checks of all our clients and made the grade.

Here are some of the measures we take to keep your data secure:



We've been careful to use only best of breed SSL Certificates in our deployment, which is a policy we will continue going forward. It's thanks to this that Slidebank was never vulnerable to the Open SSL vulnerabilities associated with the Heartbleed issues.


Closed Network

Slidebank is entirely 'permission based', meaning that nobody else will ever see your presentation materials unless you explicitly share them with others.


User Access Controls

Your Slidebank administrators have full control over defining user groups that align with your organization's hierarchy and corporate structure. They can set access privileges at country, department, team, role or individual level for specific presentations. Security is on a 'need to know' basis, so be as controlled as you like, the choice is yours.


Slide Controls

Slidebank allows you to ensure you have maximum control over what can be done with your slides. For instance, you can lock slides together or make them mandatory to ensure the content of your presentations remains compliant. You can also set dates by which presentations within Slidebank must 'expire'.


User Passwords

Whilst some pricing models let users to share 'seats' on Slidebank, all users have a unique log-in ID. This means your can keep track of who is accessing and amending your content. Your Slidebank administrators can enforce password policies to align with your data security requirements.


Physical Security

Your files and data are stored securely on our servers in the US and Europe (you can choose), so you know exactly where your data is being stored at any given time. Our data centres comply with the most rigorous international data security standards.




Need to talk to us about our security? No problem




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