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Slidebank is the world's leading online Presentation Management Service. It helps companies manage their most valuable asset, knowledge. Slidebank encourages secure sharing, helping to overcome silos, speed up transaction times, minimize error and avoid duplicated effort.

How, though, do you put a number on the benefits of a Presentation Management Service? Sign up for our ROI calculator today and we'll help you work out the financial saving that comes from:

  • Accessing PowerPoint slides quicker
  • Stronger brand integrity
  • Delivering more tightly focussed messages
  • Gaining more presentation and rehearsal time
  • Stronger compliance and proof of on-site delivery
  • Saving time through access to the very latest materials
  • The ease of sharing presentations and collaborating with others
  • Being able to access presentation materials from anywhere, 24/7
  • More secure presentation files
  • Reduced load on email and network systems


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