Global Business

Slidebank is to all effects a Global company: we are based in the UK but do business all over the world. 95% of our customers are overseas; 70% in the US alone. As Slidebank systems are self-service, there are no timezone barriers to using our platform. In fact, being an international business can be helpful to our customers getting the best value for money - an International team is able to economically share Seats in Slidebank, which is more cost effective. Our systems are hosted on servers in the US and Europe.



Slidebank is Software as a Service on a monthly subscription basis. Customers pay for the number of users they need, although this can easily flex up and down as demand requires. As a SaaS platform, Slidebank is able to automatically roll out unlimited free software upgrades, allowing customers to benefit from the best features and security measures. It's just one of the advantages of using SaaS.



A significant number of our customers are Marketing Directors, responsible for the effective use of marketing materials worldwide. Slidebank is invaluable to them as it helps them get the most mileage from their content, control the appearance of brand in corporate communications, keep everyone on message and eliminates the need to commission duplicate presentation slides.



Sales Directors use Slidebank to stay on top of their game. Having a centralized PowerPoint slide library of approved content gives them an invaluable supply of knowledge to tap into. Slidebank's access via the Web, iPad app and Drag & Drop functionality lets sales reps instantly build new presentations on the go, helping them to be agile, responsive and stay closer to their customers than ever before.



Corporate Governance

Slidebank can be used as a repository for approved presentations only if necessary. Access controls can be fully customized by department, role or user and Slidebank automatically keeps a full audit trail of activity with time and date stamps. If required, previous versions of slides downloaded and misused can be forensically reconstructed. It also lets you drive strict control over how presentations are built and how they appear, through locking slides together, making slides mandatory, uneditable or constrained to appear in a particular order.



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