What does Slidebank do?

Slidebank is an online PowerPoint slide management service for effortlessly managing different presentation versions so your teams don't get confused. Users can rapidly search for individual slides then just drag and drop them into a new presentation. Slidebank is entirely permissions-based, so you can easily switch features on or off by role or even for individuals. Slide selections can be saved as virtual files, so users automatically receive content updates. PowerPoint templates help you stay in control of your brand.

Who is Slidebank for?

Slidebank is for teams needing to handle PowerPoint in a more efficient way. The larger the team, the greater the presentation management problem, so larger groups normally experience the biggest benefit. This is why we have a minimum of 10 users per account. Slidebank can be used across any team(s) in an organization, although it's mainly designed to support Marketing and Sales teams.

How much does it cost?

We specialise in guiding you to the best possible pricing plan. Whilst we know it's reassuring to see prices upfront, we also find that two companies with similar numbers of users can benefit from different pricing models. For example, if you have 500 users in the same location, they might opt to share 50 'concurrent seats' on Slidebank. However, if users are spread over many different time zones, it often makes sense for them to share far fewer seats. If you want to know how much Slidebank will cost for your organisation, let's start a conversation about your requirements, and we'll be happy to help you find the best pricing point.

Does Slidebank work with any browser?

Yes. Slidebank should work with all browsers, although it works best with Google Chrome and Internet Explorer. If you’re working across Mac and PC, we’ve found Chrome to be the most consistent and robust.

Do I need to download any software?

No. Slidebank works via the web, so all you need is a browser and Internet connection.

Is there a minimum number of users?

Yes, we have a minimum of 10 users per account.

Is there a minimum sign up period?

No. Slidebank accounts are flexible. You can cancel any time you like, simply by giving us one clear calendar month’s notice. You can add or remove users at any time too (down to a minimum of 10), and we’ll reflect any fluctuations in your next bill.

What’s included in my account?

Slidebank accounts are all-inclusive. Fees cover setup and admin, training and user support, unlimited uploads and downloads, hosting and storage and software plus security upgrades and updates.

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