The Best Way To Manage Your PowerPoint Content Online


Using Presentation Management Software to host and serve your PowerPoint slides securely can deliver a range of benefits across the global organization. Not only are slides more accessible to sales reps and others within the business, users are effortlessly kept up to date with ever-evolving content. This drives greater brand and message consistency, lowers transaction times and saves money on developing repetitive content.



Share Knowledge

Let your teams tap into a collective knowledge resource that allows them to become instant experts.

Save Time

Find slides to build new presentations from instantly. Less time writing pitches means more time rehearsing.



Save Money

Content hidden is a resource wasted. Get maximum mileage from your expensive marketing collateral rather than reinventing the wheel each time.


Stay Up To Date

Slidebank manages file versions for you, and automatically sends out slide content updates to other users. No excuse for being out of date when regulations change.


Manage Brand Better

Slidebank helps you maximise brand consistency across all presentation touchpoints, from marketing to sales and beyond.

Stay Accessible

Whether at work, home or on the road, Slidebank lets you access your slide content and build new presentations from anywhere.

Slidebank is a web access-only system. No plug-ins, no software downloads.

Slidebank is a web access-only system. No plug-ins, no software downloads.


Building Presentations


Central PowerPoint Database

All your company's PowerPoint slides and presentations stored together online in the same place. Fully searchable, users can find slides and build new presentations with ease.
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Make it easy to search for useful slides

A simple search in Slidebank examines slide content, speaker notes and keyword tags all at once, delivering the most comprehensive search results possible. Narrow this down by searching within specific fields in advanced search, which also supports Boolean search terms to help you find the best PowerPoint content.
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Build new PowerPoint presentations with Drag & Drop

Found slides that are useful to you? Great! Now just drag and drop the thumbnails into your new presentation. No matter how many presentations you're building from, simply pull the slides you need into your new presentation, and off you go.
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Teamwork & Collaboration

Collaborating on presentation files is easy in Slidebank. Just share the ability to edit a presentation with your team mates. Slidebank will track the changes that are made so you can see a complete case history of presentation edits. Once the finished presentation's signed off, you can make it visible to a wider circle of colleagues.
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Managing Presentations


Control Presentation Access

Decide who can see what in Slidebank. If a user doesn't have access to a presentation, it will simply be invisible. Slides won't show up in slide searches, and they won't know the content exists. Maintain silos in your business where you need them.
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Manage Abilities

Decide who can do what in Slidebank. Everything can be turned on or off, either for groups of users or for individuals. Don't want people uploading new content? No problem.
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Manage Presentation Updates

What if you make changes to a presentation which other people have borrowed from? That's easy! Slidebank will handle all presentation versions for you. As long as you keep the file name the same, Slidebank will simply nest new versions of the presentation on top of the old ones, and show you at a glance which slides have changed. Anybody using those slides in 'virtual' presentations will automatically receive the content update too, and Slidebank will let them know via email notification.
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Protect Sensitive Content

Slidebank helps you to protect your most sensitive PowerPoint content by letting you lock slides as JPEG images or as read-only content. This means whenever that slide is shared or downloaded from Slidebank, it will only ever export with the settings you give it. Great for pricing pages, and Terms & Conditions too.
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Create Groups of Slides

If you need to keep certain slides together, make them mandatory in new presentations, or simply break a long PowerPoint presentation into more manageable chapters, Slidebank can help you. There are numerous groupings of slides that you can apply, with varying degrees of control. You can even lock slides in a specific order.
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Set Expiry Dates

If you don't want a presentation to show up after a certain date, simply set an expiry date. Once the date is reached, Slidebank will take all slides in that presentation offline (they won't get deleted though, and can instantly be put back online).  
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Track Who's Doing What

The Slidebank Admin system will show you a full run-down of activity on your Slidebank account. You'll be able to pinpoint specific actions (great if you're audited), and run reports by presentation downloads, uploads and most popular slides. You'll find useful audit trail information in the end user system too.
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Aid Brand Consistency

Slidebank can help you manage the power of your brand by making it much easier for sales reps and other users to play by the rules and stay brand compliant. You can pre-load Slidebank with your various brand templates (even segment them by department or client). Once people have built a selection of their dream slides, they can apply a new template at the click of a button. Slides are suddenly streamlined with style and consistency.
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