Slidebank puts top content in your hands instantly.


Imagine you’re working against the clock to meet an important sales deadline and you’ve run out of time to make PowerPoint presentation slides – ring any bells? Here’s where Slidebank comes into its own. Just call up the right slides, drag them into your new presentation and you’re good to go! 

Slidebank stores a complete online database of your company's approved PowerPoint slides and presentations, to cover most sales situations. 

Searching for slides is quick and easy. Slidebank's powerful search engine reads the content of every slide in your database. At the same time, it reads through all the speaker notes and any keywords that a slide or presentation has been tagged with, giving you the most comprehensive array of content options possible. You can narrow these down too, using Boolean search terms.

Once you've found what you're looking for, simply drag and drop the slides into a new presentation. Slidebank helps you spend less time writing presentations, and more time practicing delivery, helping you to wow your audience.

What’s more, it’s quick and easy to apply brand templates, so presentations appear tailored to your target audience. They’ll think you’ve taken hours, but you’ll have it done in a flash!


Build new PowerPoint presentations on the go, wherever you are

A central bank of slides

Slidebank allows you to access pools of knowledge in your company, worldwide. Simple and advanced slide searches puts powerful content at your fingertips.

Drag & Drop into new presentations

Slidebank's easy to use Drag & Drop feature lets you see slide thumbnails at a glance, and instantly drop them into new presentations.

Use on the go with iPad

Download the Free Slidebank for iPad app to access slides and build new presentations on the go. A life saver for last minute client meetings.

Always have the latest versions

Save slide selections as 'Virtual' presentations, and automatically receive changes. Stay up to date, effortlessly.