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It's our experience that companies frequently spend a small fortune paying to have content developed, often for it to reach only a small fraction of its potential and audience.

We know this because once upon a time we were one of those agencies being commissioned. In a former lifetime, we were a digital agency creating bespoke multimedia materials for Big Pharma brands, amongst others.


We often found ourselves receiving duplicate briefs from different parts of the same business - the left hand didn't know what the right hand was doing. In our overly honest way, we wanted to not only point this out, but help them fix the problem. This is how Slidebank was born.


With Slidebank we wanted to help our clients find a workaround to the silo problem and capitalize on their valuable presentation material in ways not previously possible. When we started to look at the problem however, we realized that hidden pockets of presentation files were not the only issue. Our customers also faced challenges relating to:


  • Preserving the integrity of their brand in shared marketing materials.
  • Ensuring content used by sales teams stayed up to date, especially where related to regulatory, legal or compliance issues.
  • Sales teams, and others in the business, would 'cherry pick' content and omit other important pieces of the jigsaw.
  • Marketing managers could not track who had downloaded which presentations, and which slides were the most popular.
Slidebank can help you manage your brand.    Image source: VFS


In an ever more mobile and fast-paced business world, the temptation to 'wing it' and pull content from all over can be hard to resist. Our mission with Slidebank is to empower our customers' Sales teams with the agility to build presentations on the move, whilst helping Marketing maintain the quality and integrity of their presentation content, further its reach and heighten its impact.


When we set out on this journey, we could never have predicted just how well received Slidebank would be. Since its early days it's developed a life and following of its own.

How Slidebank helps Marketing

Slidebank is valued by thousands of users Worldwide

“Slidebank’s rich feature set, global reach and ‘always on’ cloud infrastructure allow us to keep our presentations up-to-date, always available and customizable. It’s a valuable tool in providing effective and consistent presentations across the organization on-demand.”
— Marc Eaman, Adobe

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