Slidebank for 10 - 60 users

Slidebank accounts start with a minimum of 10 users. This is because we provide a significant amount of support to all our accounts, from setup to training and ongoing support. Not to mention software upgrades and security updates. All of this is included in the cost of your account.


For smaller accounts, with between 10 and around 60 users, the most cost effective and high performance option is our 'Named User' pricing model.


An account with convenience

The named user model means that all users can login to the account at the same time if they need to, with no restrictions. (The need to do this often diminishes with much larger teams, especially if they are spread across many different time zones).

Each user has their own, unique, login details so that Slidebank can keep a complete audit trail of activity in your PowerPoint management system. You can access the analytics from your Admin site and take a look at your most and least popular PowerPoint slides, as well as who has been uploading and downloading presentation files.


Smaller team pricing options

With the named user model, you can start off with a small account of 10 users and scale up as you get traction. If you get closer to 100 users later on, you can switch to the concurrent pricing model any time you like.


Pricing works on a sliding scale - the more users you add, the lower the price per user, per month. 



Slidebank subscriptions are flexible and run on a rolling monthly basis. You can add or remove users from your account at any point, as long as you have a minimum of 10 at any given time. Adding and removing users is self-service, and we simply reflect any fluctuations in your next bill. 



We work out the amount due on a monthly basis, but only invoice quarterly. This keeps the paperwork down for everybody!


Slidebank has no minimum sign-up period, so you don't need to commit to a year up front. In fact, you can cancel at any time, just by giving us a clear calendar month's notice. This gives you a buffer to download the files you want to keep, before we destroy the account and any associated data. Your data privacy and protection is very important to us.

Free Trial

If you like what you see in the live demo, we'll be very happy to set you up with a free trial of the Slidebank system so you can experience simple PowerPoint management for yourself. Contact us for a demo today.


Demos and trials are low commitment. We don't need any payment details - it's just your chance to ask us questions.