Access 1,000s of Powerful Slides 

Your heaviest hitting PowerPoint content. Searchable, secure and all in one place. 

Search, Select & Share

Search across slide content, speaker notes and keywords. Drag and drop the best slides into a new presentation. Download to present, or share directly. 

Stay Current & Compliant

Get automatic content updates delivered straight to your inbox. Apply brand templates to new slide selections. Stay compliant without thinking.

Less time, less stress, more impact. 


Slidebank helps you to re-purpose existing PowerPoint content quickly, easily and in a way that helps people to stay compliant without thinking.

Stay on top of brand consistency and put the right content in the right hands.


Find existing slides

Access From Anywhere

As it's a web application, Slidebank works across devices (desktop, laptop and iPad). This means you can tap into the same online PowerPoint database wherever you are. 

The Slidebank iPad app draws from the same library of content and lets you search for slides and build new presentations on the go. 

Slidebank web app

Measure, manage and make the most of your slide library


Slidebank tracks everything users do in your account so you can:
  • Track most & least popular slide content
  • See where slides have been used elsewhere
  • Track presentation versions & content changes
  • See who's uploading / downloading
  • Identify your super users & who needs more training
  • Monitor pilot schemes and see when it's time to roll out
  • See a complete audit trail of account activities 
  • Recover deleted files

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