What we're all about

Early days

Slidebank began life as a side project for Digital Image (our parent company). Digital Image is a UK-based digital consultancy, founded 26 years ago to provide bespoke software development services to multinationals.

Back in the day, and to an extent now, the majority of our clients were Big Pharma companies. They came to us to create tailor made presentation materials, websites and 3D rendered multimedia to promote new pharmaceuticals.

Life as Digital Image was good. We were able to pioneer new technologies and had work coming at us from all over.

A problem shared

It was due to the deep relationships with our customers (par for the course in Agency-land) that conversations would stray from the brief at hand to a broader dialogue of the problems they faced in their business.

Over time, we came to notice something striking: often we received the same brief for content from different parts of the same company.

Being the honest folk that we are, we would point this out to them and put them in touch with each other, but it struck us as strange that it might take a third party to do this. The left hand clearly didn't know what the right hand was doing.

This observation was backed up by conversations with clients, who frequently told us that their organizations worked in silos and communication between teams was poor.

Not for want of trying of course, but these companies were sprawling, global businesses with teams being set up and disbanded at the drop of a hat, and people switching roles the whole time. No wonder they couldn't find anything!

The opportunity to help

We began to wrap our heads around this problem. Companies were clearly wasting money on duplicate work and struggling to find valuable sales and marketing collateral when they needed it, which was vastly slowing transaction times and speed to market. Not to mention the cultural impact of dead-ended communication, mounting frustration and damaged productivity. Something needed fixing.

The concept of Slidebank is a really simple one: a central source for all your presentation content, accessed online on-demand. It has all the access and security controls you might desire for your most sensitive content, but lets you share openly when needed.

Our strong motive was to build a product that would help customers keep control of their content (helping confidentiality, brand and compliance) but be much more nimble and agile commercially.

Slidebank is designed to put your presentation content instantly in the hands of your salesforce, anytime, anywhere.

From agency to SaaS

We designed Slidebank initially just to help our existing customers. They started using it and gave us overwhelmingly positive feedback about the impact it was making on how they did business.

It quickly became apparent that we were sitting on something incredibly valuable.

What started as a side project has grown organically and rapidly taken on a life of its own. Since its early inception, Slidebank has become the prime focus of our company and become the leading Software as a Service solution for presentation management.

We, and our customers, couldn't be happier.

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