How To Find The Right Presentation Management Software


When weighing up the software options for managing your marketing collateral, there are a few things to consider. The majority of purchasers who come to us looking for help are already using a combination of shared drives, users' hard drives, and a generic purpose Cloud storage solution. This can mean their process for managing, sharing and re-using presentation slides is fragmented and inconsistent. It doesn't have the kind of technical rigour required to make sure users receive content updates on time, every time, to help companies stay compliant with the kind of material they are showing, and to maintain brand consistency. It's no wonder people start shopping around for a more coherent and foolproof solution.

One of the biggest questions to consider is whether to go with a presentation management software solution that is self-hosted - one that sits on internal company servers and is entirely controlled by the company whose content it houses. Whilst the argument for tighter control may seem appealing, the perception can often be a false one. Getting started can be cumbersome, with more internal coordination, project planning, expertise, resources and lead time to launch required, not to mention training. Implementing a self-hosted content management system requires internal IT expertise to regularly update software, apply security patches, run backups and generally administer site maintenance. If this is not done promptly and as a matter of course, it can actually lead to greater risk of security breaches and vulnerabilities, as well as creating compatibility issues with later releases of affinity software such as Microsoft PowerPoint. Rather than adding to security vulnerabilities, deploying Cloud-based Software as a Service can actually enable companies to keep pace with security and software updates without thinking about it or lifting a finger. It's all part of the service. This, of course, makes it quicker and more effortless to get up and running. That means Marketing teams, for example, can simply log in and start using Slidebank without relying on their corporate IT teams to implement setup.

A second question that is often put to us is what are the benefits of signing up to a service such as Slidebank over building a bespoke system internally to manage PowerPoint slides? The answer to this is a simple one. Building a presentation management system is an incredibly complex, resource-heavy and expensive operation. The time it takes to design, build and test the system and then to launch and embed it within the organisation far outstrips any benefit that might be produced. We started building Slidebank a long time ago, and it is a process that is never finished. We are continually optimising, refreshing, stress testing and strengthening the system for the benefit of all our users, and the latest version that we are running is always the product of many years of learning. It is almost impossible to replicate this kind of focus and dedication within internal teams, where a content management system may not be a core focus. The great risk is that, as people move on internally, the knowledge of the product goes with them, and what started out as an expensive but valuable investment, can quickly become not fit for purpose if not fully maintained and kept in a state of continuous evolution. Simply put, at Slidebank, we've done that work for you so you don't have to.


At A Glance - the benefits of a Cloud-Based SaaS Solution for Presentation Management


Monthly Subscriptions

Rather than large up-front capital outlay, SaaS often follows a monthly subscription model, helping even-out budgets and meet fluctuating demand.

Flexibility in Use And Overheads

Your needs today may be different from your needs six months from now. Subscriptions let you flex accordingly.


Economies of Scale

With SaaS you only pay for the number of users you need and avoid the expense of developing software in-house. Prices often go down the more users you have, as with Slidebank.

Automatic Software Upgrades

SaaS companies do all the upgrades and development work for you, allowing you to benefit from automatic rollouts. Stay up to date without the pain and expense.


Stay up to Date More Easily

Avoid your in-house tech team having to do expensive redevelopments when technology advances. Instead, get the benefit of a single, shared platform.

Security Benefits

It is vastly within the interests of SaaS companies to stay on top of the latest developments in data security and to make sure their systems, and your data, are not vulnerable. No need to worry about installing security patches across your entire organisation.


More IT Compatible

SaaS products are managed online via a Web browser, and are therefore more universally compatible and less likely to clash with legacy IT systems.

Access Everything Online

Give your employees the agility to access, manage and amend their files securely from anywhere. Files are less reliant on manual backups and invulnerable to hardware loss or damage.


Connect Global Teams

SaaS products let you collaborate and share seamlessly online, meaning you can break down silos where they exist between teams and collaborate with colleagues in different time zones.