Slidebank is designed to help your team get moving quickly. 


No Need for PowerPoint Skills

Slidebank does not work as a Plug-in within PowerPoint. Users simply access company slides using any Web browser and create new presentations online without needing PowerPoint expertise.

No need for Plug-ins or Software Downloads

Slidebank is managed entirely via a Web browser, no need for software installation that may be blocked by your corporate IT Department.


Easy to Learn 

There are 3 things a basic user may want to do in Slidebank:

  • Search for slides and view thumbnail results
  • Drag & Drop into a new presentation
  • Download or share 

So, if you can use Google, you can use Slidebank

No Training Required

At user level, the Slidebank interface includes video tutorials to cover most things a typical needs to know. For users at Administrator level, we provide all the support needed to get your team up and running quickly.


No Need for Hosting

We store presentations for you on our securely hosted servers, so you don't need to.

Quick Response Times

Slidebank is quick, providing maximum speed and agility for managing your slides, even over slow connections.