Slidebank is a Self-Service system



Beyond initial setup (which we help you with), Slidebank is essentially a self-service system. Nominated administrators manage users, access levels, presentation folders and other administrative tasks. The administrator system is different from the Slidebank interface, so most users will not have access to these 'behind the scenes' system controls.

Some things you can do with the administrator system:


Data & Analytics

Slidebank gives you access to usage metrics, helping you to see which presentations are most valued by your teams, which users get the most out of Slidebank, and the peaks and troughs in Slidebank usage. 

Audit Trails

Has a presentation recently changed? Slidebank lets you view a full audit trail to see who's had access to a presentation, the changes they have made and how they've shared it. Everything downloaded by a user from Slidebank is automatically time and date stamped so you have a foolproof record. Not just that, but you have full forensic reconstruction capability to deliver changed or deleted slides used in the past.


Add & Remove Users

When someone leaves or joins your organisation, you can simply add or remove them from your Slidebank account, set up a profile for them or give them new access privileges.

Create New Departments

Slidebank lets you build silos into your user structures if necessary, setting different access privileges for different departments or roles within  your company's hierarchy. Build teams and departments to reflect those of your organisation.


Use Slidebank For Approved Content Only

If you wish, your Administrator can act as the gatekeeper to all content available through Slidebank. You can make it so only Administrators can upload presentations, meaning the only slides users can see and share will already have been approved.