New season, new start


There's something of a 'back to school' feeling here at Slidebank HQ. That slight buzz of anticipation in the air, whilst the leaves begin to turn and excitement and apprehension mount as the class enters a new term and a new start. For during the summer months, we've been busy with some exiting developments, which we hope you'll enjoy.

The first of these is our new website,

It was with a slight twinge of shame that we recognized we'd maybe 'let ourselves go' slightly in the public face side of things. We'd been so busy talking to our customers and working heads down to deliver a premium presentation management service that we managed to overlook the fact that we had cornflakes in our hair and odd socks on our feet. Metaphorically speaking!

So, here it is - our new website - and we hope you like it.


What can you expect from

Well, we've aimed to create an informative site that clearly highlights the benefits of using a presentation management system, from saving money by sharing presentation content and marketing collateral, to the benefits of Software as a Service in general, which include zero software installations and automatic free access to software updates (more on that later!).

Overall, we hear from our customers that what they value most about Slidebank is its straightforward, intuitive and easy to use nature, which lets users simply search for and Drag and Drop slides into new presentations whilst on the go.

We've tried to give you a flavour of that ease and simplicity here on our new site whilst detailing the rich feature set available to our Slidebank users.

Moving forwards, we'll be looking to bring you informative content about presentation management and valuable insights into sales and marketing strategies as we strive to fit ever more seamlessly into your sales and marketing mix.

Our mission in life is to get you closer to your customers than ever before, helping you to respond to leads quickly and with nothing but the most up to date and accurate presentation content. We hope our site will reflect that.

We’re also looking to build up our Slidebank community and help you share your own insights and ideas in this space. If you’d like to guest star on our blog we’d be very happy to talk to you. Please get in touch via our media pages here.

Let’s stay connected, and we look forward to sharing with you.


Other Slidebank developments in the pipleline

Did we say it’s been a busy few months? Well indeed it has! Not only have we relaunched, but we’ve been working on some exciting new updates to our Slidebank interface for users.

Taking a cue from the Slidebank iPad app, we’ve been looking for ways to bring our interface into line with an aesthetic that’s more responsive and current. The intuitive functionality and features of Slidebank will remain the same (for now – we have other plans here too), but in the immediate term it’s high time our application had a facelift!

The bandages are still on right now while we refine and test but watch this space…we’ll be unveiling our new look soon! Keep an eye out here and on Twitter for announcements.


Crunch time

Change will always be a little nerve-racking, and here at Slidebank we’re definitely on tenterhooks to know what you think of our new site.

Please take a look around and make yourselves comfortable. If you like what you see, please share it with others, or even better give us some feedback (the good, the bad and the ugly!).

Change is good, change is scary, change is often overdue.


So, in the wise words of Extreme Home Makeover, it’s time to “Move that Bus”! Here we go…!


Image by Edward Conde CC by 2.0