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PowerPoint Integration with Salesforce ®

PowerPoint Integration with Salesforce ®

The majority of Slidebank users work in a Sales or Marketing capacity, and we've been hearing for some time that Salesforce integration would be a great thing.

Our mission is to make your lives quicker and easier when pulling together content that's really going to wow your audience!

That's why we're excited to announce that you can now operate Slidebank directly from within Salesforce ®.

All of the features you currently enjoy with Slidebank can be operated from within Salesforce ®, from finding relevant content instantly through a slide search, to building new virtual presentations that will instantly update, or even emailing your clients presentations that convert into PDF when you hit 'Send'. 

Instructions below...

10 reasons to manage your marketing materials online

In 2014, marketing teams will spend $135 billion on new marketing collateral. That's a lot of money, time, energy and effort! With the ability to demonstrate the ROI on marketing expenditure coming into ever sharper focus, the pressure will be on to ensure this valuable, custom asset is being properly leveraged.

New season, new start

New season, new start

It was with a slight twinge of shame that we recognized we'd maybe 'let ourselves go' slightly in the public face side of things.

We'd been so busy talking to our customers and working heads down to deliver a premium presentation management service that we managed to overlook the fact that we had cornflakes in our hair and odd socks on our feet. Metaphorically speaking!