Adding New Users

Adding New Users To Your Slidebank Account


Adding new users to your Slidebank account is easy. You can either add them as you go, one by one, or we can help you with a batch upload. The latter can certainly be the best option when you're just starting off with your account, especially if you have hundreds of users.


Option 1 - Adding New Users As You Go

You can add a new user / groups of users from your Administrator dashboard. The process is simple, and is the best option for the ongoing maintenance of your account. 

All you need to do is access your Admin site, navigate to 'Manage Users' and then select the Department and Role that you'd like your user(s) to belong to.

Simply enter their contact details in the box to the right, and hey presto - you have a new user!

You'll see underneath the contact details fields, there are some control options. Checking these boxes will allow you to:

- Trigger an email to the user with their login details
- Trigger an email to the user, forcing them to change their password
- Make them an Administrator
- Make them a SuperAdmin, with cross-departmental authority

It might be a good idea to make sure you understand the best way to manage user churn in your account, given that your subscription is based on total user numbers, and each user must have a unique login so that Slidebank can control security and keep a complete audit trail of your PowerPoint database. You can learn more about that here.


Option 2 - Adding New Users From a Batch Upload

This is the best option if you're just getting started with your account and want to add a lot of new users at once.

The process of getting your users into Slidebank is really simple and quick - it will take us just 15 minutes or so to process!

The work comes in letting us know who your users are, their contact details and, importantly, which Department and Role you would like them to belong to in Slidebank.

Fortunately, we've made this as easy as possible for you by making an Excel template to capture the information we need. You can download this template here. Just fill in the relevant information for your users and email the document back to us. We'll upload all your user details for you, so your teams will be ready to start using Slidebank right away.

If you need to export user details from your existing systems, don't worry. You can export from your existing HR software into CSV or Excel spreadsheet. For example, Active Directory is the one many of our customers use. Please just make sure the columns match those in our upload template so we can make sure it all runs smoothly!


Download User Upload Form


Once you have your users set up, next steps will be to manage permissions in Slidebank. This will determine which aspects of PowerPoint file management your users can do. For example, you may wish to disable the ability to send links to PowerPoint presentations via email. Or you may want to make sure users will always receive automatic content updates to their slides. It's up to you how controlled you want to be, but we'd definitely recommend taking some time to understand the full range of capabilities. If you need help with this, please don't hesitate to contact us


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