New Slidebank: latest feature updates

You may be aware that we recently launched a new version of Slidebank to coincide with our rebrand. You can read more details here

The update has focussed on delivering a cleaner, simpler, and more responsive interface. We've stripped away some of the clutter to ensure that your content is what shines, allowing you to identify the slides you're looking for more quickly and easily. It's your content that really matters. We are just the quiet support that sits behind every great presentation at your fingertips.

Here are some concept shots to illustrate what the new interface looks like, courtesy of Confederation Studio:

Designer's impression of new Slidebank interface layouts

Designer's impression of new Slidebank interface layouts


However, it's not just a cosmetic upgrade. We've taken the time to enhance some of our core functionality. For example:


Support for Microsoft Word and Excel Files

Store your Word and Excel files alongside PDF and PowerPoint collateral

Store your Word and Excel files alongside PDF and PowerPoint collateral

We thought we'd make life easy for you and allow you to store your related files all in one place. Oftentimes, there are other pieces of marketing collateral, or even sales or project management documents, such as Excel spreadsheets, that naturally sit alongside your slide decks.

Rather than storing these offline or in a separate shared drive, we're now enabling you to save them right into your Slidebank folders alongside your PowerPoint files.

Slidebank will let you upload Word and Excel files and choose who should be allowed to access and download them. 

As with PowerPoint Master and Virtual presentations in Slidebank, you can also navigate to 'Manage My Files' and set an expiry date for your Office documents, transfer the ownership to another user, or tag the file with metadata to help other users search for it more easily later on.

We hope this comes as good news!


Save Updates to Your Virtual Presentations

Update an existing Virtual presentation and keep the same filename

Update an existing Virtual presentation and keep the same filename

In the original version of Slidebank, it was sometimes a little difficult to make amendments to your selection of slides once it had already been saved as a virtual file. Users would find that they'd need to create a brand new virtual presentation and delete the original.

This is not the case anymore. You can now make changes to your virtual presentation and save over the top of the existing file.



There are simple steps to changing a virtual presentation once it's already been saved into the system:

  1. Click on the virtual presentation in your slide library

  2. Click the 'add all' button in the bottom right hand side of the interface to add all the slides into the bottom grid

  3. Add or remove slides to your virtual presentation as desired

  4. Click save and click on the name of your existing virtual presentation. This will populate the file naming field. Click 'Next'

  5. You'll see a message asking if you want to overwrite the original. If you do, just click the button that says 'Yes, Overwrite' and hey, presto! You'll have a modified virtual presentation.

Overwrite virtual presentation

This is designed to make amending virtual presentations a one stage process and to help you avoid having lots of duplicate slide selections in your library. 

Your virtual presentations will still receive all automatic content updates of the slides they contain. It just means you can develop and refine your virtual selections over time. If you need to break off in the middle of building a new virtual presentation, you can come back later and not have to start all over again!


Calendar-Based Analytics

We've now made it easier to pinpoint exactly how your Slidebank account is being used.

You can now filter your analytics reports by date range, as well as by department

You can now filter your analytics reports by date range, as well as by department

New calendar-based reporting will give you a definitive breakdown of account analytics for a specific period in time. Whether you want to access log files, to check what your most popular PowerPoint slides have been, review user logins or see who's been uploading and downloading files, you can now filter your reports by date range as well as by department.

Just clear the date ranges to view records across the entire lifetime of your account.

This new interface release is just the beginning. We have huge plans for Slidebank in 2016, and are very excited about the developments we're working on. They're top secret right now, but we'll keep you informed about release dates when the time comes.

In the meantime, if you're not already using the new and improved version of Slidebank and would like to be switched over straight away, just let us know here: