Four Ways to Think About Organizing Your Presentation Content

Four Ways to Think About Organizing Your Presentation Content

Slidebank is such a flexible tool, it really puts you in control of how your PowerPoint content is viewed, used and consumed by your colleagues.

Sometimes, however, this flexibility can seem a bit of a minefield when it comes to organizing not just your PowerPoint files, but your users' abilities profiles too.

So here are four simple ways to think about your presentation content, which may make the decision-making process easier....

Understanding Departments and Roles in Slidebank

Slidebank's structure can be set up to echo your company's hierarchy. However, to keep things simple, we operate with 3 layers:

  1. Departments (e.g. Marketing)
  2. Roles (e.g. Marketing Manager)
  3. Users (e.g. Jane Smith)

Each user must belong to a Role and a Department. It's very easy to set these up.

Managing Account Usage and User Churn

With Software as a Service (SaaS) applications, as within organizations, it's natural to have a certain degree of user churn. The extent of this will largely depend on a) the size of your company b) the fluidity of the industry and frequency with which people move roles and departments, and c) the nature of your account use.